Less than a month, Moslem’s people will  celebrate  another holy  moment called Idul Adha. On that day, moslem all over the world will sacrifice sheep and cow representing  total commitment to  the Almighty  Lord, Allah SWT. At the same time, other moslem are gathering at the holi city, Makkah and Madinnah, to meet Allah SWT invitation to the holy land of Makkah.

The two person that are lucky to be invited to go to the holy land this year are my beloved Dad and Mom, who will departure tomorrow. Happy and sad feeling mixed in my mind. At one side, I feel happy they could go to Makkah to conduct a haj ritual. But, I do feel lonely since they’ll leave for about 40 days. Such a long period living without their presence at home. I’ll miss that moment for a while.

Papa dan Mama, selamat jalan ya…. wish you be a mabrur haj a.k.a haji mabrur…..

Luv you